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Electricity Supply – Campsite Hook Up Pitches


Over recent years, with the introduction of so many portable electrical appliances, we have been experiencing a much greater draw on our electricity on site. This is creating major problems at peak times with trips and fuses blowing on an increasingly frequent basis: it is not only extremely annoying for the pitches involved, but is also a source of concern for us and for the Electricity Board when we burn out one of their main fuses. We are not the only campsite to be affected, particularly in this area.
Along with the vast majority of rural campsites, we are termed as an ‘off-grid site’ which means that there are restrictions to the amount of power that the Electricity Board can supply us. Archaic as that may seem, it is all part of living in the countryside, and is also part of the ‘charm’ of the traditional camping experience which we aim to provide for our visitors.

We would therefore like to remind everyone who has booked a pitch with a hook up that the supply is nothing like the supply you would get at home.

Put simply, your blue hook up socket (10 amp) on your pitch is roughly equivalent to just one 13 amp power socket in your home, and should be used as such.

As a guide, the following lists indicate which appliances are acceptable or not acceptable for use on site, either in a tent, caravan or motor home. The lists are not exhaustive, but you will quickly see that it is the larger heating appliances that are the main problem. There are many alternative gas appliances available for providing heat and we would respectfully ask that campers and caravanners alike use these where at all possible so that everyone has the opportunity of enjoying an uninterrupted supply.
Appliances which should be used very briefly and on their own, or preferably not at all:
• Fan/Convector Heaters
• High Wattage Halogen Heaters
• All Radiators
• Electric Ovens
• High Wattage Griddles
• High Speed (3KW) kettles
• Heated Power Showers
• Caravan Central Heating Systems

Appliances that can normally be used without a problem:
• Normal Inside/Outside Lighting
• Televisions/Radios
• Laptops etc
• Battery/Phone Chargers etc
• Fridges
• Pumps for Inflatables
• Razors, Hair Dryers/Tongs
• (On their own) Kettles & Small Griddles
• Toasters, Microwaves (max 10 mins)